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18th June 2024

Sport Bikes

Best 600cc-ish Sportbikes of 2024

Source: Substantial upgrades for 2024 have made Kawasaki’s ZX-6R a powerful and comfortable companion either on the street or racetrack. (Kawasaki/)Has the death of

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CFMoto’s Electric Sportbike

Source: Cycle World Instead of building a dedicated chassis for the new CFMoto electric sportbike, it utilizes the chassis of its 450SR/NK. (CFMoto/)Most of the

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The rise of the Supernaked

Source: FastBikes (UK) – Supernakeds have hit astronomical heights in recent years, with low weight, 200 horsepower beasts now nothing more than a regular occurrence.

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Latest Articles

QJMotor’s SRK400RR Inline-four

Source: Cycle World Another Chinese company has now followed Kawasaki’s lead and jumped into the 400cc inline-four sportbike revival. The bike will be called the

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